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Moving to tumblr for my art

2017-11-07 20:28:25 by minichou

I'll be moving here for my art, newgrounds isn't the best platform 

I posted a few stuff on it, don't forget to follow me guys ^^

Im back

2017-06-10 21:47:30 by minichou

I apologize for not being here often, I got bored with this site and did other stuff.

I don't know if I'm going to continue making NSFW art, I've thought about it and I want to post my lewd art somewhere else. Newgrounds isn't the best place to post it since games and animation dominate this site so getting popular with just art is a bad idea. I'm not leaving completely in submitting things. I'm thinking (emphasize on thinking) of making a visual novel, I have Tyrano Builder, I just need help to make something with it. 

I'll try to be more active on here so say hi if you see me under a video or game.

See y'all on the flip side

Happy birthday to me ^o^

2017-01-24 16:28:13 by minichou

I'm 16 now! Happy birthday to meee

I've been really distant with making arts on here, and next year I want to change that with my very next art I create. I don't care that I keep getting 3 stars, I'm going to keep working hard as I can to make my image on here. 

Even I say that, I want my followers to work harder too. I'm gonna need you guys support when I start pulling strings.

i miss you obama

2016-11-07 19:55:43 by minichou



So about my art...

2016-08-06 18:18:06 by minichou

I had an idea that I was working on a couple days ago, but when I opened it up recently, the damn autodesk sketchbook messed up the file,  now I'm considering either to drop it or work on someone else.

I honestly don't know why I make art on here sometimes, I always get a low rating and almost to never I get constructive critism. What I question the most here is, if you guys are really my fans, why do you almost to never give me actual critism rather than simple compliments? It pisses me off, I appreciate the compliments but honestly, Its not gonna cut it. How am I ever going to get better without the voice of the people? I am so tired of this, its like people are restricted of what they really wanna say.

im back

2016-05-21 20:58:35 by minichou

im back hi

I'm gonna try to make more art this summer


thanks for reading ^o^

Since the whole digital scene isn't working very good for me, I am going to try traditional art and see how that works. I draw better in real life than online anyways so, this might benefit me.

Plus, If you guys give me constructive critism on my real life drawings then it might improve my digital style!

doggo and cat


Not making art for a while

2016-03-08 17:53:59 by minichou

I'm not making art for a while because I want to focus more on my devianatart and some other things. I want to improve a bit before I make another art again, but somethings telling me that when I improve and come back, I'll still get 3's and shit. But, thats not gonna stop mee

tiny cat ^o^


I'm pissed.

2016-02-13 14:20:38 by minichou

So, There has been a pattern I've been seeing on my arts ever since near end of  2015. Everytime I post a art I worked hard on, I get 2 or a 3 rating with NO COMMENTS or Comments not even explaining anything. I say 'constructive critism is always welcome' but I never get it. I kinda think in my head, there's just that one negative person who's  always putting negative ratings on my art.  But I don't know! I just want to know why I always get a 2 or a 3 on my  art,  I can see why I got those scores in the past since I was really bad at drawing alot of things but now, I think my art's pretty good but I keep getting negative ratings! No ones even telling me what's wrong with it at all. I'm not going to be a better artist if you people don't tell me whats wrong with it and telling me how to improve. To the people who always compliment my art, Thank you, but I would want some constructive critism in your review too. I mean, step it up guys, If you guys are really my fans, then PLEASE give me constructive critism!!! I NEED IT

:( please :(